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sm23tbucket.jpg (9034 bytes)1923 T-Bucket and Trailer is the Revell/Mono kit in Boyds Red rattle can, mods include Parts by Parks distributor, parts box Covico steering wheel, shortened shifter, scratch built fuel tank in P/U Bed, BMF covered plastic sheet between interior and chassis to represent stainless steel.



sm50chevpu.jpg (8578 bytes)AMT 1950 Chev Pickup, built stock, apart from Bare Metal Foil on door handles, dash and bed rub strips, paint Humbrol Airbrushed.


sm53stude.jpg (7882 bytes)AMT's 1953 Studebaker Coupe. Paint is rattle can Boyds Pacific Blue. Interior is AMT '57 Fairlane seats, Parts by Parks billet alloy column, Detail Master Halo Steering Wheel, Fujumi brakes/wheels/tyres combo, kit 392 Hemi converted to single GMC 6-71 blower with Parts by Parks pre-wired distributor, BMF trim not finished yet.


sm59elcamino.jpg (8051 bytes)1959 Chev El Camino - an AMT kit, painted in rattle can Blue. Model has RHD dash, firewall and steering, 409 with quad webers and 5-spoke mags from AMT '63 Corvette kit.


sm62chev.jpg (9026 bytes)AMT 1962 Chey H/Top, stock apart ftom chrome rims, slicks on rear, BMF on all trim, grille modified to be seen through, airbrushed Humbrol Black.


sm67chev.jpg (8084 bytes)AMT's 1967 Impala built stock from box in Boyds True Blue Pearl, BMF trim.


sm67plym.jpg (8038 bytes)Revell's 1967 Plymouth GTX airbrushed Humbrol White, black upholstery with BMF on all trim, plug wired kit distributor.




sm69dart.jpg (8212 bytes)1969 Dodge Dart GTS - Revell kit built stock, except for Ralley Wheels, BMF on all trim. Paint - Testors rattle can Gold Metallic.


smboyds.jpg (8904 bytes)Testors Boyds Smoothster built straight from the box with Testors Smoothster rattle can Yellow and Humbrol Linen interior and roof


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