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smchrysler300.jpg (6329 bytes)Under Construction - AMT's new 1957 Chrysler 300C kit. This picture shows the 50/50 mix of Model Master Chev orange and Humbrol red, sprayed with a $29.95 single action airbrush. It is a bright 'tomato' red, as yet unpolished and built by Andy.


sm300cunder.jpg (9828 bytes)Overall view of the chassis, exhaust and engine, tansmission and front end. The fule tank straps are yet to be painted black.


sm300cunder2.jpg (16515 bytes)Close up of the underside showing the 'busy' engine, transmission and front end. The kit plastic torsion bars have been replaced with by old metal kit axles.


sm300cengine.jpg (13424 bytes)This view shows the well defined cast iron Torqueflite Auto and chassis detail. A Parts by Parks distributlor is used with the plug wires routed cirrectly into the rear of the valve rocker covers. The hanbrake, gearshift and speedo drive cables are added details along with the trans cooler lines and kickdown lever.


sm300cengine2.jpg (17296 bytes)Front view of the engine showing carbs. fuel line from fuel pump and 2 trans cooler lines yet to be connected to radiator bottom. Note that the kit molded fan belts have been "V'd" between the pulleys and painted flat black to highlight them.


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