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Welcome to Scale Automobilia
's Model Kit Review Page!.

Andy Douglas will be reviewing many popular and new release model kits on these pages. With over 38 years modelling experience, Andy can help you choose the right model kit. If you have a particular kit you require more information on please contact us. The kits reviewed below are not in any specific order.

1941 Willys Street Rod, # 2371, Revell 1/25 2001 new tool, based on the Mazmanian willys gasser kit, includes pro-street/tubbed chassis with an aftermarket Mustang 2 style front suspension, 4 link narrowed 9" diff and coil overs, poseable steering, Hillborn scooped/Holley carbed  6-71 blown 392 Hemi/727 Torqueflite auto with Donovan style rocker covers, 4 into 1 block hugger headers into 3" full exhaust, dished Halibrand style mags with billet style lub bolt covers, billet style steering wheel, Recarro style seats, sculptured door panels, decalled guages, M/T ProStreet rear tyres, Goodyear front 

1990 Honda NSX , # 24100, Tamiya 1/24 kit features detailed DOHC V6 & 5 speed trans, complete detailed chassis, front/rear suspension, brake details, RHD/LHD dashs options, wipers and steering wheels, can be built as either a Honda or Accura NSX, satin chrome plated 5 spoke factory mags & Advan tyres. 

Chevy SSR Roadster Pickup # 7691, Revell 1/25 2003 new tooling release features fully detailed Gen 3 V8, complete chassis, suspension and steering, separate exhaust, disc brakes, detailed interior,seats & dash, decaled guages, 19 & 20" chromed 5 spoke factory mags, no name directionals,opening hood, lift off roof 7 rigid tornneau cover,grille mesh and twin metal exhaust tips.

1966 Volkswagen Beetle # 24136, Tamiya 1/24 kit features fully detailed floor pan, front/rear suspension, poseable steering, detailed stock engine/trans, interior, stock wheels& tyres incl spare, opening boot & hood, separate chromed handles, lights,mirrors, hubcaps, latches.

1972 Lotus Europa Special # 24212, Tamiya 1/24 kit features a fully detailed separate Y shaped chassis with front/rear suspension, steering and Lotus DOHC 4 cylinder with twin DCOE weber carbs, separate brakes, chromed Lotus 8 soke factory mags, detailed interior, separate door handles,wipers, mirrors, hood mesh and metal transfer badging.

1966 Honda S800 # 24190, Tamiya 1/24 kit features fully detailed SOHC 4 cylinder & manual trans, separate detailed chassis/f/r suspension, brakes and steering, diff with unique chain drive, detailed interior,seats & RHD dash, convertible up & down tops, plus fixed hardtop, separate chrome trim, handles, opening hood and metal transfer badges.

1991 Mazda RX7-R1 # 24116, Tamiya 1/24 kit features fully detailed 13B Rotary engine & manual trans, complet with twin turbos, complete chassis pan, front/rear suspension, poseable steering, separate disc brakes, satin chromes 5 spoke factory 16" rims with Advan tyres, detailed interior with RHD/LHD dash option.

1956 Ford Victoria # 31545, AMT 1/25 2002 reissue includes a 312 Y block with single 4/twin 4 intakes, stock exhaust & headers, multipiece detailed front/rear suspension, poseable steering, opening doors & hood, stock & custom interior & seats, stock grille,head & tailights, custom grilles front & rear, Canadian Meteor style grille, 12 spoke gasser style front wheels, chromed reversed rear and baby moons, Firestone stock tyres and Drag slicks, Crown Victoria roof "halo" trim & clear roof insert.

1958 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 2'n1 # 2385, Revell 1/24 2002 reissue of the 1963 Monogram original, includes factory stock hardtop roof & hinged opening "custom" bubble top clear roof, opening doors & hood, stock and HiPo engine options, stock & 55 Olds tri bar hubcaps, separate whitewall tyre inserts or blackwall tyres, custom grille, head & tailights, separate chromed windscreen frame, detailed stock and lowered suspension, detailed interior/dash & seats clear red stock/custom tailights, 60's style scallops and scroll decals.

1940 Ford Standard Coupe # 2387 Revell 1/15 2003 new tooled body shell from the ProModeller 40 convert tooling, features fully detailed chassis, suspension, engine, exhaust interior 2 speed Columbia diff, separate whitewall inserts, uncommon "Standard" grille, hubcaps & hood, can only be built stock, no optional parts included.

1956 Ford Thunderbird American Graffiti series, # 31966, AMT 1/25 2003 new tooling  features detailed chassis and suspension, detailed 312 Y block, engine bay and interior, continental spare, portholed hardtop, crossply tyres with separate whitewalls, can only be built factory stock 1960 Ford Starliner Custom, # 30045, AMT 1/25 2001 release, features the best FE engine in scale, with twin 4 and tripower intakes/carbies, Super Stock style cast iron headers, stock & T Bird logo'd rocker covers, finned aircleaner, separate fully detailed chassis, f/r suspension,steering & 9" diff, chromed deep dish American 5 spoke mags, single capped full lakes pipes, stock style interior with 60's style Covico 3 spoke steering wheel.

1969 Corvair Coupe, # 38159, AMT 1/25 2004 reissue, includs full detail engine with stock/rally and custom options, custom grilles, detailed rear suspension, Yenko roof option, custom body options, scoops & spoilers, interior options, stock/custom tyres, stock hubcaps & chromed 4 spoke dished mags.

Chuck Wagon, # 38381, AMT 2005 US Toy Fair Special Ltd Ed reissue, ex MPC 1/20 scale kit( box incorrectly states 1/25th scale), show rod from the early 1970's, features stylised cooks wagon on a T model chassis, separate straight axle front suspension and Corvette style rear suspension, deep/deeper chromed Cragar style 5 spoke mags, T model grille shell, zoomie style headers, blown small block Chev with old style Edelbrock finned rocker covers, large decal sheet.

Two Much Twin engined Dragster, # 21489, AMT 2004 Ltd Ed, USA only reissue, features twin 6-71 Blown/Enderle Injected 426 Hemi front engined rail, fully detailed tube style torsion bar suspended chassis, enclosed body panels, wire front/Halibrand Speedway style rear rims, slicks, zoomie headers, choice of rear wings.

1933 Willys Van, # 31566, AMT 1/25 2002 reissue features unchopped stock height Sedan Delivery kit based on the Ohio George Montgomery 33 Willys Coupe kit, includes the complete 427 Ford SOHC engine,chassis,fully chromed front/rear suspension, axles,steering, headers, diff, interior, wheels, tyres & wheelie bars from the OGM Coupe kit. 

1970 Dodge Coronet SuperBee Pro Street, # 31929, AMT 1/25 2003 reissue includes detailed 426 Hemi with stock twin 4,single 4,tunnel ram & cross ram intakes, stock and tube headers, optional prototype DOHC NASCAR heads, stock Dana 60 & narrowed/braced Ford 9", detailed stock front suspension, 4 link Pro street rear end, twin AFB & Holley carbs, 4 shifters, 3 sets aircleaners/velocity stacks, recarro seats, 2 dashes, Magnum 500 mags & Centreline mags, M/T 33/18.5 x 15 rear tyres, 185x15 front tyres. 

1957 Ford Fairlane 500, # 8028, AMT 1993 1/25 reissue with detailed 312 Y block, stock 4 barrel or Paxton blown, headers, finned rocker covers, opening hood & doors, steerable wheels, stock huncaps/billet directional magsstock interior with optional front/rear Recarro seats, stock & Canadian Meteor grilles, custom lights. 

1939/40 Ford Tudor sedan, # 30262, AMT 1999 1/25 Millenium reissue, originally issued in 1961 includes 39 & 40 ford grilles,head/tailights,hood,stock flathead, Hilborn injected or triple carbed 371 Olds V8, custom grilles, nerf bars, stock bumpers, stock wheels/hubcaps/tyres or 5 spoke chromed Cragar style mags, stock interior, roll bar.

Dodge Deora Show car, # 31223, AMT 1/25 2001 reissue(not sold in Oz), features well detailed mid 60's show car, with slant 6 engine, detailed suspension, engine and interior, opening front door, custom style camperoption, baby moon & deep dish halibrand style mags. 

Piranha Rear Engined Funny Car, # 38176, AMT 1/25 2005 reissue of the original 1967 AMT kit, the actual car was built and owned by AMT and featured a full size "plastic" body shell, the kit features a blown and injected 392 Hemi, detailed full tube chassis, suspension & steering, 6 spoke front/5 spoke rear wheels, 2 piece plastic tyres/slicks, clear plastic upper body shell and generic decals. The correct decal sheet is available from Scale Automobilia separately. 

Monte Carlo with Fantasy Chopper, # 38187, AMT 1/25 2003 RCHTA Show Ltd Ed reissue of 1980 MPC original, features well detailed 350 V8 , molde axle/exhaust style chassis, only stock body/interior parts chrome stock/wire mag wheels, includes a Honda 4 powered rigid framed, springer sprung chopper with a single bike trailer and hitch. 

1972 Chev Cheyenne Pickup, # 38163, AMT 1/25 2004 reissue of the original MPC kit, well detailed 350/T400 combo, with metal axle front/rear suspension, molded exhaust chassis, separate tornneau bed cover, basic interiorstock/custom wheels,stock.Goodyear directional tyres.

1958 Plymouth Belvedere 2 dr hardtop, # 31156, AMT 1/25 2002 new tooling, contains only stock parts, well detailed 350 B block & cast iron Torquflite auto, detailed engine bay, well detailed separate chassis, front/rear suspension, exhaust & steering, detailed interior incl auto push buttons, dash & seats, stock full hubcaps, BF Goodrich white wall tyres, separate chrome wipers,mirrors, hood & fender moldings, grille, bumpers and lights. 

1984 GMC Pickup, # 31939 AMT 1/25 2003 reissue of the "Fall Guy" TV show pickup truck, detailed 4wd chassis, suspension & steering, 350 V8/T400 Auto, stock and optional engine parts, stock detailed interior, opening tailgate, extra lights,mirrors,trailer hitch, aerials, chromed 8 spoke off road rims, Formula Desert Dog A/T tyres.

1937 Chev Early Modified, # 38180, AMT 1/25 2005 reissue features a Tobias tube chassis, 1960's/70's style ashphalt speedway modified, detailed front and rear suspension, tube axle, quickchange diff, single carbed big block Chev, Halibrand deep dish and reinforced speedway mags, Goodyear slicks, bare bones body shell.

International Scout II, # 38207, AMT 1/25 2004 reissue of original 1976 ERTL kit, features 345 cube International V8, & auto trans, transfer case, separate F/R suspensions, Goodyear Tracker A/T tyres, split bench seats, detailed interior, unique ERTL instruction sheet.

1970 Chev Impala, # 31924, AMT 2003 reissue of original MPC kit, features a detailed 454 Chev with single 4, tripower and hilborn Injection intakes, stock & finne rocker covers, tube headers,stock hubcaps,deep 5 spoke American mags, 5 spoke Cragar mags, separate detailed front/rear suspension, steering,exhaust, stock & custom grilles,lights & bumpers & Caprice roof treatment.

1969 Ford Galaxie XL Hardtop, # 38152, AMT 1/25 2004 reissue of the 1969 annual, features stock 429 and injected SOHC drag option, stock and custom grilles, bumpers, 60's style molded suspension & exhaust chassis.

1964 Chev Pickup "California Wheels" series, # 2184, Revell 1/25 2004 release includes stock & custom engine options, stock style wheels with whitewall tyres, chromed 19/20" American 5 spokes, & no name rubber band directionals, separate disc brakes, stock & lowered front suspension, detailed chassis, interior, separate wipers, door handles, large decal sheet.

1967 Chevelle SS 396 "California Wheels" series, # 2183, Revell 1/25 2004 release includes all stock parts with detailed suspension, exhaust and engine, lowered front suspension, stock Rally wheels & chromed 19/20" 5 spoke Halibrand style rims and no name directional tyres, disc brakes and large decal sheet.

Jim Hall's Chaparral 2D Coupe, # 2850, Mongram 1/24 2004 reissue of the 1966 slot car kit, includes pre painted resin driver figure, detailed body shell, curbside chassis pan/engine insert, basic interior details......a Blast from the Past!

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, # 2824, Revell 1/25 2004 modified reissue of the Pro Modeller kit, includes a well detailed 440 wedge/manual trans, interior and chassis, detaled engine bay, separate seats, interior bracing, door panels, heater, photo etched Daytona grille, fender vents and rear wing, large decal sheet includes redline tyres decals.

Tom Daniels Beer Wagon, # 2453, Revell 2004 1/24 reissue of the Mongram 1967 original, molded in yellow, brown, clear & chrome, vinyl slicks, beer barrels, and BEER wagon decals.

1994 Subaru Impreza WRX, # 24012, Hasegawa 1/24th curbside 4dr 1st generation WRX, features RHD only dash, detailed 4dr chassis, suspension and lower engine/trans details, separate exhaust, disc brakes,satin plated 5 spoke factory mags Potenza RE71 tyres, detailed interior, pre cut window masks & seat decals.

1968 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GTR, # 03619, Fujimi 1/24 2004 release of the 2 dr curbside coupe, features detailed F/R suspension, steering & engine lower, well detailed RHD interior, factory style steel rims, Pirelli tyres, well detailed body  with separate chrome trim,badges,handles & wipers.

2003 Mazda RX8 Type S, # 03552, Fujimi 1/24 2003 curbside release, basic suspension detail, RHD interior, satin chromed factory 18" 5 spoke mags, Potenza directional tyres, grille mesh, separate wipers, lights, decaled instruments.

1932 Ford Phaeton, # 31758, AMT 1/25 2002 reissue features both stock and FE Ford series hotrod V8, stock and chopped wind screen & roof, full fenders, dropped front axle and stock front end, stock wires, Centreline & Halibrand style mags, kit has incorrect interior shell & bucket seats, correct front bench & interior tub available in resin @ extra cost.

Bantam Blast - RCHTA Show Special, # 38062, AMT 2005 Ltd Ed reissue, essentially the Wild Willie Borsch T Altered kit without the T Bucket/turtledeck body shell( which IS available from Scale Automobilia), features the 4 port Hilborn Injected/Blown 392 Hemi, plus an Enderle injector hat, Donovan & Dodge script rocker covers, 12 spoke Ansen style front wheels, 2 styles of roll cage wings &  Bantam body shell, great donor kit for any T bucket/Fiat Topolino altered.

1965 Buick Riviera, # 38158, AMT 2004 reissue, features detailed 421 nailhead with stock twin 4 intake or Latham blower, various custom grilles,head & tailights, 3 sets of wheels, incl. stock hubcaps,dished kidney bean mags and beautiful see thru 2 piece wire wheels with knockoffs, custom landau roof, stock/custom seats, & dash, metal axle chassis, large decal sheet.

1970 Pontiac GTO Super Stocker Oval Racer( and 1970 Monte Carlo version), # 21464, AMT 1/25 Ltd Ed 2005 reissue, features full tube chassis, detailed front and rear suspensions, champ quickchange, dish wide mags and tyres, detailed engine incl. 180degree  headers, full roll cage, great race car detail. 

Dick Brannans Bronco SOHC Ford Mustang Fastback AWB Funny Car, # 21572, AMT 1/25 2005 Ltd Ed reissue, originally issued 1967, features generic funny car chassis, tube axle, transverse spring front end, ladder bar/semi eliptic rear end, injected SOHC 427 Ford, 5 spoke front/deep dish 5 spoke rear wheels, slicks,headers, Bronco decals.

1932 Ford % window Coupe, # 38280, 1/25 AMT 2005 "Classic" Series reissue, stock height roof, full fendered, includes stock flathead & 6 carbed & scooped small block chev, stock wire wheels, reversed rims, baby moons,5 crossply tyres, 6 Goodyearwide/wider tyres, 1960's era chassis.

1966 Ford Mustang Hardtop, # 38377, 1/25 AMT 2005 "RestoRod" series, 1960's style chassis with molded in suspension & exhaust, single 4 & crossramed 289 with Cobra rocker covers, stock wheels and 10 spoke Kelsey hayes mags, 20" 5 spoke American mags, 16 tyres incl stock, extra wide Goodyears & 20 Goodyear rubber band directionals, stock/custom/drag seats, FE style BB Ford engine with single four intake.

1966 Chev Nova SS# 38256, 1/25 AMT 2005 "Rides Magazine" series, reissue of the Pro Street version of the two 66 Nova kits, includes stock front suspension, tubbed rear chassis, narrowed rear suspension, well detailed 327/4 speed,twin 4 weiand intake, weiand rocker covers,wheelie bars, 22-24" chromed star style wheels and rubber band tyres, separate disc brakes,tube headers, DVD screens in rear on seats, bass speakers, detailed interior,extra short block with engine stand, pro stock style scoop, great donor kit for HK/HT Holdens.

The Georgia Shaker 65 Falcon Hardtop, # 21442, 1/25 AMT Ltd Ed 2004 reissue, generic style chassis similar to the Brannan Mustang, incl injected 427 SOHC, 12 spoke altered style front rims, deep dished chromed steelies on rear, basic GS decals.

GT Wing and Muffler Tune Set, # 11112, 1/24th, Fujimi 2004 release includes Recarro seats,4 Momo style steering wheels, 2 rear wings with 2 styles of supports, 8 mufflers, 10 Bazooka exhaust tips, 2 tacho's, Tuner decals

Nismo R34 GTR Z-Tune, # 24282, Tamiya 1/24 2005 final version of the R34 is the Ltd Ed Z Tune, features choice of chromed 6 spoke or unchromed 5 spoke rims, 2 sets of disc brakes, detailed undersurface/chassis pan, engine lower, AWD diffs, full suspension & exhaust detail,poseable steering, Nismo body kit, intercooler, window masks, grille mesh, interior and seats.

Porsche Carrera GT V10, # 24275 Tamiya 1/24 2004 release, full engine/trans detail, detailed suspension, interior, opening engine cover, plated 5 spoke 18" rims, no name directional tyres, metal transfer badges & mirrors, window masks & clear red tailights.

1988 Nissan Silvia K, # 24078, Tamiya 1/24 reissue, curbside kit with full suspension and interior detail, RHD & LHD dash, detailed exhaust, factory mags, molded in pale metallic green, silver,black & clear.

2003 Peugeot 206 WRC, # 24267, Tamiya 1/24 2003 release features well detailed complete interior, roll cage, full chassis, exhaust and suspension detail, brakes & choice of 5 spoke or multispoke rims, treaded rally tyres, skid plates, window masks, full decals incl choice of # 1 or 2 cars

1986 Nissan Skyline GTS-R(R31), # 03313, Fujimi 1/24th 2dr "Godzilla" style hardtop, curbside features basic chassis & suspension detail, well detailed interior, choice of seats, chin & boot lid spoilers, BBS style satin chrome rims & Pirelli P7 tyres.

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Charger, # 8597, AMT 1/25th 2005 reissue of the original MPC kit, complete with 426 Hemi, rollcage,separate exhaust and rear suspension, one piece front suspension, chromes Appliance style mags, Goodyear tyres, roof and door decals, molded in orange.

1971 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG, # 21217, Hasegawa 1/24 2005 reissue, curbside with well detailed suspension & chassis, separate exhaust, poseable steering, detailed front/rear brakes, detailed interior, separate door handles, wipers, chromed stock hubcaps & tyres, decal & metal transfer badges, long nose version with headliight covers.

2004 Ferrari 612 Scageletti, # 07364, Revell 1/24 2005 release, very detailed engine, chassis and suspension, poseable steering, separate disk brakes,detailed interior & engine bay, separate exhaust, transaxle, plated 5 spoke 18" rims, no name directional tyres.

Boyds Smoothster, # 5305, Testors 1/24 kit of the Boyd Coddington 1995 Oakland Show winner features a highly detailed stand alone tube chassis with Corvette front & rear suspension, detailed LT1 engine, chromed block hugger headers, 700R auto trans, separate disc brakes, chromed 6 spoke 15/18" rims, BF Goodrich T/A's, detailed interior, small sheet of chrome foil, separate fully chromed exhaust, great donor kit for any 30/40's Hi Tech street rod.

1966 Chev Nova Resto Rod, # 38373, AMT 1/25 kit, reissued 2005 features full stock suspension detail, detailed small block Chev, single 4 and weiand tunnel ram, headers, 4 speed, separate short block on stand, separate interior panels, front & rear seats, separate body chrome trim, 15 & 20" rims, stock and rubber band tyres, great donor kit for resin HK/HT Holdens

Porsche GT1 Evo Texaco/History Channel, # 2177, Revell 1/24 full detail kit features complete front/rear suspension, detailed turbos & engine & roll caged interior, detailed brakes and prepainted gold coloured rims, slick tyres, separate rear body panels, 2 very large decal sheets, chrome mylar for mirrors.

2005 Pontiac GTO Drift Car, # 53004, Polar Lights 1/25 prepainted full detail snap kit, available in white/purple/yellow(2 versions), full engine/trans and diff detail, front and rear suspension, exhaust, interior,seats & LHD dash, choice of 2 sets chrome wheels, 2 rear wings, red and clear lights, extra GTO decals for those who repaint. RHD dash and HSV GTO  front and Rear clip is available.

1975 Mustang Firefighter Pro Stock, # 38407, AMT 2005 1/25 reissue, ex MPC kit, features detailed tunnel ramed engine, separate suspension, engine bay, full roll cage, Centreline style rims, slicks, decals, good basis for early Pro Stock.

Barris T Buggy, # 38429, AMT 1/25 2005 reissue of the MPC kit, features a tubular chassis, Corvair 6 engine, customised dune buggy body with Model T style grille shell, C cab with opening rear doors or Laundau style roof, torsion bar front suspension, coil sprung Corvair rear suspension, 5 spoke wide/wider mags & tyres.

1972 Pontiac GTO, # 38162, AMT 1/25 2004 reissue of the MPC kit, includes stock and blown drag engine option, headers, stock wheels, deep and deeper Appliance mags, stock style tyres, Ram Air hood, stock & drag seats, basic suspension detail AND a complete Chrondeck Drag Racing Xmas light set.

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